31 Oct 2018

5 Rose Color Meanings And Their Occasions

5 Rose Color Meanings And Their Occasions-Sally Helmy - Egypt

When sending flowers online, send the color that signifies what you really want to say at the right time.
Depending on colors, roses have different meanings for different occasions, know first what would you want to say and accordingly choose the color of the rose you’re sending to your beloved.
Here are 5 most chosen rose colors, along with their meanings and the perfect occasion for you to send them.

White Roses

To all kinds of new beginnings. White roses are associated with pure love and innocence which makes them excellent when trying to say sorry.. It’s appropriate for funerals, and all kinds of religious occasions, however, it’s also common as a wedding flower and is perfect as a mother’s day gift.

Red Roses

Being very popular for Valentine’s day, red roses convey everlasting passion. However, they are appropriate for non-romantic occasions. They are perfect for birthdays and/ or anniversaries.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are perfect when celebrating all kinds of friendships. Be careful about sending it to someone you have a romantic interest in, it might signal that you are only interested in friendship with that person. Yellow roses send a message of cheer, joy and care.

Pink Roses

Are you trying to say thank you in an intimate and romantic way? Pink roses are the best choice, they convey gratitude. They symbolize admiration, gentleness, elegance, innocence and happiness.
They are perfect as a thank you gift.

Purple Roses

If you’re trying to be too romantic in a spiritual way, purple roses are made especially for that purpose. They symbolize enchantment, conveying royalty, adoration and fascination. Purple roses are best for romantic occasions.

Now that you’ve known each color with its perfect time, order roses online and make your loved ones feel special. Know what to say with the flowers.