16 Oct 2018

5 Steps To Send Flowers Online

5 Steps To Send Flowers Online-Sally Helmy - Egypt

Sending your loved ones flowers does not require that much of an effort like most of us think, on the contrary, it’s easy, quick and makes a huge difference eventually.
If it’s your first time to try ordering flowers online from Sally Helmy, you better check the following steps.

What’s the occasion?

The first thing you ought to do is choose the right flower for the right occasion. You either know exactly what flower you want to get or the type of occasion, we sorted it out for you, whatever the occasion is, we have a special flower for it. Pick the one that best suits what you want to express.
If you still can’t get the right flower, here’s your flower dictionary.  And after that, we go to the next question,

When and where?

When and where to send flowers online pretty much sums up how easy the whole process is. Set the date and place for the flowers to be sent. You want it delivered on his/her birthday? Done! Whatever you order, we have it delivered on the same day, so don’t panic and take your time choosing the best gift.

Anything with the flowers?

You can not only send flowers online but also add a cute gesture along with your gift. You think a helium balloon would make a perfect match? Yes, we think you’re right. You can add to the bouquet of flowers you ordered, a couple of helium balloons that would express what you could not say.
A love letter helps a lot, but if you don’t know what to say, we got it all figured out for you, click here to know the suitable bouquet for your occasion.

Checkout time!

Now that everything is all set. Time to check out. You’ll have to fill in some personal data, the phone number, the address, whether you’re paying cash or by credit card or even by card collection from address, you choose what best suits you.
And if you have a discount coupon, you enter the code in the related field right away.

Order Received

Our best part of the day, getting your order delivered. You can always check where your order is.

Nowadays everything you’re looking for is only one click away, even if it’s a bouquet of flowers you want to send to your beloved ones. Place your order now, enjoy our same day delivery service and Send flowers online through Sally Helmy.