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19 Sep 2018

7 Interesting things you didn’t know about Lilies

7 Interesting things you didn’t know about Lilies-Sally Helmy - Egypt

Considered one of the most adored flower variants in the world. With their large, showy blooms, everyone loves them, they add elegance and beauty to the spot they’re placed at. Lilies are ranked as the 4th most popular flower across the globe, everyone knows that, however, there are some facts that you don’t have any idea about regarding Lilies,custom football jersey custom apparel nike air max plus nfl jerseys custom basketball jerseys adidas shoes sale full lace human hair wigs nike air max 95 white nike air maxes best sex toys on amazon jordan nike air dallas cowboys jersey custom football jerseys sex toys online nike air jordan black and white

Here are 7 interesting things you didn’t know about Lilies.

Lilies are perennial plants

Meaning they can live and grow in nature without human intervention. they can develop from both a bulb and a seed, and grow anywhere from two to six feet in height depending on the species.

They are social plants

They are the happiest with friends. Lilies grow their best when they are put in groups of four or five.

They have the longest lifespans

Lilies have the longest in-vase lifespans, can survive for more than 2 years in the wild and you can easily take care of them.

They can be poisonous

Take care, they’re as poisonous as they are pretty, keep them away from your cat and any toddler around.

Lilies have a diversity of symbolism in different countries

In Japan and China, lilies are considered as a traditional symbol of good luck, whereas the Greek associates the flower with motherhood. Also, the white lily represents purity, the tiger lily represents pride or confidence and Pink lilies express wealth and prosperity. Just as any other flower with its different meaning and different expression.

How ancient Egyptians used to use it

Ancient Egyptians used the lily flower as a perfume.

And how Victorians thought about it

It’s known that Victorians would often wear them in their hair or pinned to evening gowns, and those young girls would pose with lilies in photographs.

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