28 Nov 2018

Top 4 Best-Loved Thanksgiving Flowers

Top 4 Best-Loved Thanksgiving Flowers-Sally Helmy - Egypt

The most famous thing about Thanksgiving is the delicious meal you cook and the special family and friends gathering, why not add a centerpiece on the dinner table or if you’re invited to that dinner then it’s best to present it as a Thanksgiving gift.
Here are the top 4 best-loved Thanksgiving flowers.


Being the preferred flower of the fall, chrysanthemums are perfect for Thanksgiving. They come in a variety of colors including yellow, pink, orange, and purple. And as they say, Fall season is Chrysanthemums season.


A warm gathering around your loved ones would be suitable for Roses to join you on your dinner table. Roses are always the right answer when it comes to floral arrangements. Might as well offer a rose to each family member after dinner, this would be a kind gesture.

Gerbera Daisies

Fall colors of Gerbera Daisies are perfect for such gatherings, admired by everyone. It’s cheerful and in addition to that, it leaves a pleasant aroma all over the place.


Lilies are always the favorite on holiday seasons, they are perfect for gatherings, and are too beautiful to be presented as a bouquet. They come in many shades, all you’ve got to do is just choose what suits you.

So if you’re short on time and won’t be able to go pick up some flowers on your way to the family’s home you can always order your favorite vase online with same day delivery straight to your favorite destination.

What matters the most is celebrating Thanksgiving with your family and friends. You can always make the best out of your holiday alongside your beloved ones.