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09 Feb 2020

The Story of Valentine’s Day and The Perfect Bouquet to Get

The Story of Valentine’s Day and The Perfect Bouquet to Get-Sally Helmy - Egypt

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 from SallyHelmy!

Valentine’s Day is the day for flowers.
There’s no excuse not to gift flowers to the special woman in your life on this special day.
Let’s take a closer look at what this day means.

Valentine’s Day

Why are we celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th?

Valentine’s Day is rooted in history, and many Valentines have been associated with the special day of the 14th of February.
For example, one of the things Saint Valentine of Rome is remembered for is being imprisoned for performing marriages for soldiers who weren’t allowed to marry. How romantic is thvat?
Before he was executed, he healed the blind girl of his judge and wrote her a beautiful letter, which he signed ‘Your Valentine’ as a goodbye. That’s even more romantic, isn’t it?
Oh btw, Saint Valentine of Rome died on February 14th AD 269. That became Valentine’s Day.

When did we start gifting flowers on February 14th?

It all began when courtly love began flourishing in the 14th century.

But, flowers started being a gesture of affection and an expression of love in the 18th century in England.
They were gifted along with confectionery and greeting cards, also known as ‘valentines’.
Not too different from the way we do gifts today.

What color flowers should I get?

The first and most obvious color would be red. Red stands for love, passion, lust, sexuality, and more. Not sure you know it also symbolizes courage and strength. Red roses or other types of red flowers are your best pick on Saint Valentine’s Day for a strong woman you love.

However, white is also a good choice – on its own or in combination with other colors such as red. The color white symbolizes purity, simplicity, hope, and innocence but also empowerment and goodness. So, go for a bouquet of white roses or lilies for a woman who you’ve got your hopes up with.
Blue is also a beautiful color for flowers – even on Valentine’s Day. Blue represents intelligence, calmness, serenity, wisdom, and faithfulness. It’s a perfect color for an intelligent and wise woman to whom you’ve been faithful and loving.
Yellow flowers can really brighten a bouquet, and they’re perfect for a creative, optimistic, and happy partner. They will give them a happy valentine’s day.
On top of colors, the right flower bouquet doesn’t only depend on the flowers’ colors but also on how it’s presented.

What type of bouquet should I get?

Here at SallyHelmy, we’ve prepared special types of flower bouquets to fit February 14th and different preferences.
If your loved one loves a simple rose bouquet – we’ve got it (Love Blossoms).
If your loved one loves roses in a box – we’ve got it (Emotions).
And is she loves flowers in a basket – we’ve got that too (Wonderful in White). With a beautiful flower arrangement, of course.

If these haven’t convinced you – browse through our entire Valentine’s 2020 flower collection and make your pick. We’re sure it will make valentine’s day a truly happy valentine’s day for your loved one.

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