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03 Jun 2018

4 Ways to make flowers last longer

4 Ways to make flowers last longer-Sally Helmy - Egypt

You decided to put so much effort, and think about sending your loved ones some gifts to Egypt, and then think about flowers, which is the greatest idea, so you start searching for a flower shop in Cairo and here you are, placed your order and it’s on the way, and after all this never-ending process, you don’t have any idea how to make those flowers last longer.headband wig human hair adidas for sale new nike air max nike air max 90 futura best mens sex toys wig shop nfl super bowl real hair wigs for women custom football uniforms nike air jordan 4 oil green sales on adidas shoes custom basketball jerseys nfl san francisco 49ers best human hair wigs online Human hair Wigs

We brought you the easiest ways to make the flowers you sent your loved ones last longer, you may stick it on a note with the flowers or just send them the link of this article, whatever you say.

1 – Cut the stems:

Once you receive the flowers, make sure to cut the stems. Trim one or two inches off, also make sure to cut it at an angle, since they’re not sitting flat on the bottom of the vase, cutting at an angle allows for better water intake. It’s the number one rule every florist in Cairo follows. Also, make sure to re-trim once every few days.


2 – Remove dead petals:

This prevents bacterial growth and makes your bouquet look way better. Some flowers, like roses, have guard petals which are the two or three outermost petals of the flower. Removing these will allow your flower to open up fully. Make sure to check your flowers daily for dead leaves in order to avoid bacterial rot.


3 – Watering:

You decided to order flowers online, however the flowers do not necessarily come with its vase, so once you make sure that the Vase you’re going to put the flowers in is clean, fill it with room temperature water, and make sure to clean your vase thoroughly and change the water every two to three days.


4 – Avoid direct sunlight:

Avoid displaying your flowers in direct sunlight, they will last longer in a room with a cool temperature.


What’s more important than receiving a gift is taking good care of it. The effort made in deciding to send flowers to Egypt should be treated on the other hand in a very good way. Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods, so better take good care of them.


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